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Ephemeral Anemoi (2023)  is inspired by the dynamic nature of windsocks, serving as a metaphor for life's unpredictable and uncontrollable traumas. My personal life journey serves as the backdrop for this exploration of the chaos and fractured equilibrium brought by unexpected disruptions. Using weathered windsocks and broken human figures, the installation portrays the transformative responses to uncontrollable circumstances, emphasising the transient nature of trauma and life.

Ephemeral​ - Lasting for only a short time; transitory; short-lived (Collins Dictionary online).

Anemoi  -  The winds In ancient Greek mythology, the Anemoi are storm wind gods associated with the four cardinal points; Boreas the North Wind; Notus the South Wind; Zephyrus the West Winds and Eurus the East Wind (Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Mythology 2010:66).

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