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Artist Statement

I often drive past an airfield with numerous windsocks, indicators of the natural conditions they face. Sometimes, they are full of energy; other times, they look weary, exhausted, and weathered. It is a scientific instrument and yet so fundamental. Occasionally, they dance in the wind, uplifting every passerby with their choreography. Yet, at other times, they await change or relish the pause. These vibrant and reactive windsocks inspired me to use them as a metaphor for the unpredictable and uncontrollable trauma experienced in life.


Ephemeral Anemoi addresses the sensation of losing control when unexpected disruptions swiftly alter our path, plunging us into chaos. This concept resonates on both personal and global levels. We meticulously plan our life's trajectory, only to confront unforeseen events demanding a radical shift. My own journey mirrors this reality—I permanently relocated to the UK, but an unexpected turn redirected me to South Africa. Then the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic further shattered my plans. These terrifying and unplanned events disrupt our equilibrium, leaving us fractured whilst seeking new stability, often losing parts of ourselves in the process. This defines the heart of Ephemeral Anemoi, where personal and global traumas create temporary chaos with either fleeting or lasting consequences. It is a shared human experience, a testament to our collective resilience. The metaphor can also be applied to the South African political landscape. External forces shape our political dynamics, and we respond to trauma and disruption with resilience amid uncertainty. This reflects our collective experience of striving for stability in a complex socio-political environment.


The installation is not just a representation, but a transformation. It is based on the same thought and inspired by art transformed by external forces. I used weathered windsocks to represent the transformative nature of human existence and responses to uncontrollable circumstances. The windsocks flap between suspended human figures, which are broken and falling apart. They are made from wax, wired mesh, cement, and steel. The water dam underneath reflects the figures swept off balance by events. They embody the emotional responses to trauma; they are torn, broken and stumbling. Each sculpture is different yet part of the collective. The photos of burning windsocks highlight the transient nature of trauma and life's fragility, inviting the audience to experience the transformative power of art.


Ephemeral Anemoi reflects the impact of unforeseen events, allowing engagement and acknowledging the fragility of existence. It focuses on the shared human experience and the resilience of individuals facing life's transience and volatility.


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